Forced Introspection (Part 2)

If you missed Forced Introspection (Part 1) and you want to read it first, click here.

After my impromptu 3 mile run, my mind felt more calm. I jumped in the shower and tried not to give the accident I just witnessed any more thought. I still needed to drop off the folder, and get to school to pick up the kids. I got dressed and hopped CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING

Forced Introspection (Part 1)

Very introspective week so far. Tuesday I was a witness to a bad car accident. It was close to my house, on a 55 MPH undivided road. A pick-up truck, driving two cars in front of me, swerved into on-coming traffic. It crossed the on-coming lane and went up a bank along the shoulder of the road. The truck passed the on-coming car on its passenger side, while driving on the 45 degree bank. No break lights were coming on. It then swerved back across both lanes and onto the bank on the other side of the road. There the truck hit an out-crop of rock and rolled. It flew into the air. When it stopped rolling, the truck was upright but CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING