Forced Introspection (Part 2)

If you missed Forced Introspection (Part 1) and you want to read it first, click here.

After my impromptu 3 mile run, my mind felt more calm. I jumped in the shower and tried not to give the accident I just witnessed any more thought. I still needed to drop off the folder, and get to school to pick up the kids. I got dressed and hopped CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING

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I have had lot of people visiting my blog today thanks to a great post written by Angela Nazworth at the blog (in)courage.  Angela contacted me a few month ago about writing a post about my story for the blog.  After she explained what (in)courage was about, I agreed to an interview.  I think she did a great job capturing a part of my recovery that the main stream media doesn’t generally want to touch.  If you are a reader of (in)courage visiting my blog for the first time, I hope you find it motivational.  Please sign up to receive it by email or add it to your RSS Reader if you enjoyed reading the posts.

Thanks again to (in)courage and Angela Nazworth for giving me a chance to share my story with your readers.

If you would like to read Angela’s post click here.